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Do you know what elder abuse looks like?

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Sep 05, 2014 in Nursing Home Abuse

While no one wants to think about it elder abuse occurs all too frequently throughout the nation, including in the state if Connecticut. It can happen in a variety of settings, at the hands of people in a variety of different roles. Nursing homes are one of the settings where elder abuse sadly takes place.

Elder abuse can take multiple forms including:

  • Healthcare fraud and abuse. This is perpetrated by health care providers who do things such as recommend treatments that are not necessary, overcharge for care, charge for care that is not provided, get kickbacks for prescriptions or referrals or provide either too much or not enough medication to a resident.
  • Financial exploitation. A caretaker might scam the elderly person he or she is caring for to get money from that individual. In other situations the theft of money or items might be outright or via identity theft.
  • Neglect. The failure to provide proper care constitutes neglect. This is true whether the neglect is accidental or on purpose.
  • Sexual abuse. Elderly individuals are also sometimes subjected to sexual abuse. This abuse does not always involve physical contact. It might also take the form of making that person watch certain sexual activities or view pornographic material.
  • Emotional abuse. This type of abuse can be both verbal as well as nonverbal. While saying things to make the elderly person feel bad is usually pretty easy to identify, it could also take the form of isolating the individual or even ignoring him or her.
  • Physical abuse. Perhaps the most commonly thought about, in addition to striking a person, physical abuse may also take the form of confining the elderly person or using restraints on them.

Some of these types of abuse are easier to identify than others. When an elderly individual is suspected of being the victim of any type of abuse it is important that loved ones take action to stop the activity and ensure the safety of that person. In addition, it may entail filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties as well.