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Steps pedestrians can take to stay safe

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Sep 17, 2014 in Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is a part of most people’s daily lives. In fact, many people probably don’t think much about the activity. This is true whether one is walking to the kitchen to get a drink or walking to work or school. While there are of course dangers in one’s home, in most cases the activity is far more dangerous for those who are outside.

This danger extends beyond those who are simply walkers. Other individuals who fall into the category of pedestrian include individuals who use items such as strollers or wheelchairs to get around. In 2010, 70,000 pedestrians were hurt in traffic-related accidents. In addition, more than 4,200 died.

The risk for such incidents occurring varies depending on the age demographic a person falls into. For example, incidents involving children often occur because of their lack of familiarity with traffic rules, inability to judge speed or distances and their small size. On the other end of the spectrum it is possible that elderly individuals are unable to move quickly enough to get out of the path of an oncoming vehicle. Teens may be engaging in distracted behaviors such as texting while walking and not be aware of their surroundings.

While it is important that motorists do their part to keep these incidents to a minimum, there are steps that pedestrians can take to try to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents that occur. For example, when possible, it is a good idea to walk on a sidewalk.

In situations where a sidewalk is not available pedestrians should face traffic. While walking at night, the use of retro-reflective clothing and a flashlight is advisable. When it comes to crossing the street, when available, pedestrians should use a crosswalk. In addition, while crossing, pedestrians should watch for vehicles that may be turning a corner.

Under certain circumstances it is possible that even the most vigilant pedestrian can find that he or she is involved in a collision. In these situations it is often a good idea to consult with a New Britain personal injury lawyer.