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Wearing a Bicycle Helmet Reduces Risk of Brain Injury

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Sep 09, 2014 in Brain Injuries

Throughout the nation many people rely upon bicycles both for transportation as well as recreation. The National Safety Council estimates that between 73 to 85 million people enjoy the activity. While good for one’s health, it can also be dangerous when someone on a bicycle is involved in an accident.

While some bicycle accidents involve only the one bike, others involve another cyclist. In still other situations, a bicyclist may be involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. In the last scenario in particular, the outcome can be devastating to the person on the bike, leading to serious injury or even death. Such an incident could result in a personal injury lawsuit being filed.

It is of course tragic that bicycle accidents happen at all. Because they do however, it is important the bicyclists do what they can to protect themselves. As a result of the nature of the activity the only real method of protection available is a helmet. These can go a long way toward minimizing the injuries suffered should someone be hit while riding a bike.

This is an issue that should be addressed. Of the 800 deaths that occur while bicycling each year, over half—500—are due to head injuries. According to one trauma prevention specialist, the chances of suffering a head injury in a bicycle accident are reduced by 85 percent when a helmet is worn. The chance of suffering a brain injury, by 88 percent.

Bicycle helmets are available for purchase for as little as $20. Most would likely agree that compared to death or dealing with the often devastating result of a brain injury, $20 is a small price to pay.