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Halloween: Find a Safe Way Home and Watch Out For Drunk Drivers

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 28, 2014 in Car Accidents

Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids in Connecticut and across the entire nation. They get to dress up in fun costumes and run around with their friends asking their neighbors for free candy. Let's face it; what's not to like? As parents, you most likely love watching their smiling faces and excited screams as much as you fear for their safety as they cross the street.

The truth is that there are some realistic dangers surrounding Halloween, from costumes that could hinder movement to food allergies. You can do a lot as a parent to make sure that your kids are safe, but are you making sure to protect yourself too?

Yes, there are very real dangers for adults on Halloween. Young children are not the only ones who dress up and run around with their friends. Adults to too. The difference is that many of them are consuming alcohol more often than candy, and not everyone finds a safe way home.

Drunk driving has become an increasingly greater problem on the night of Oct. 31. The National Highway Safety Administration data shows that on the holiday, fatal accidents caused by a drunk driver increase from 30 percent to approximately 50 percent of all collisions. For pedestrian deaths, around 20 percent are attributable to an intoxicated driver. 

The fact that this year's holiday lands on a Friday makes safety officials even more concerned. If you are planning on taking your children trick-or-treating or going out yourself, make sure to follow the motto "safe than sorry." Assume that drivers are not paying attention and take special care. 

If you are drinking with your friends, have fun, but make sure to find a safe way to get yourself home. Lives do depend on it.