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Things to consider when selecting nursing home for loved one

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 31, 2014 in Nursing Home Abuse

It may seem as though all too often there are reports of nursing home abuse in the news. Recently, two nurses, who work in a nursing home located in another state, were arrested for the alleged abuse they perpetrated against a resident of the facility. The abuse was uncovered after the son of the resident, who has Alzheimer’s and is unable to communicate with his loved ones, became concerned about the bruises he saw on his body.  

The son set up a hidden camera to record the man’s interaction with is caregivers. They were allegedly caught hitting the resident. The nursing home workers were arrested after the Alzheimer’s Association assisted the man’s family in taking legal action.

Though this case took place in another state it points out how important it is to thoroughly check out a facility you are considering sending a loved one to. There are multiple ways this can be done including making random visits to the facilities you are considering. While there, keep an eye out to determine if:

  • Residents are seem happy.
  • Residents appear healthy.
  • The facilities are clean.
  • The food looks appealing.
  • Workers interact with the residents.

It is important to monitor loved ones even after you have decided where they will go and they have moved in. Being vigilant, as the man in this situation was regarding the treatment is father received, can go a long way toward uncovering inappropriate behavior.

In addition to criminal charges, those deemed responsible for the behavior might also find that they are facing a civil lawsuit. If successful, those who filed it could secure financial compensation for their injuries. Contacting the Waterbury personal injury attorneys at D'Amico & Pettinicchi can be a step towards finding out if you have a case.