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Things to Know When Pursing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Oct 25, 2014 in Personal Injury

Motor vehicle accidents involving all types of vehicles occur on roads in Connecticut each day. Some of them result in serious injuries to those involved. In addition to being long and painful, the recovery period can also be expensive. This could leave those involved unsure of how they will get by.

In some situations those injured in a car accident may decide to file a lawsuit against driver of the vehicle responsible for the crash. This civil complaint is filed in a civil court and if successful, the person who filed the lawsuit will secure financial damages. To be viable, the claim must be filed within a certain amount of time following the injury. Claims filed after that period of time is up, will not be successful.

While some of the personal injury claims filed will end up in court, to be decided by a judge or jury, more often than not, these cases are resolved via an informal settlement. The parties involved in settlement discussions vary depending the case but could include:

  • The parties to the case.
  • Each party’s lawyer.
  • Representatives from each party’s insurance company.

Advantages to this approach include the fact that the matter is resolved much more quickly than if the case was to go to trial. In addition, it provides the person who filed the complaint with a sense of certainty that they will in fact receive something for their injuries. When a case goes to trial, there is always the possibility that the judge or jury will not find in his or her favor and he or she will have gone through the process for nothing.

Personal injury lawsuits can be long and complicated. As a result most injured individuals find it helpful to work with a Connecticut personal injury lawyer when pursing a claim.