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Here's why divorce mediation might be good for you

Posted on behalf of Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Nov 28, 2014 in Divorce Mediation

There are multiple reasons why mediating a divorce could be a good idea for residents of the state of Connecticut. This approach, which employs cooperative problem solving, often leaves all parties involved with a satisfactory outcome.

The first is that the cooperative problem solving approach means it is possible that a creative family plan can be created that is tailored to the specific needs of the family. This can be a huge benefit to families whose needs do not fit into the established system.

Second, since you work directly with a mediator, your voice will be heard. As a result, the matters that will be discussed during the mediation will be what you want discuss. The mediator can take in your opinions and help you work through the matters with your ex until a final decision between the two parties is reached.

The fact that it is a less adversarial process is appealing to many as well. Helping participants to focus on working toward a conclusion that is mutually satisfactory for everyone is particularly beneficial when children are involved. Keeping children out of court and away from tension, verbal attacks and conflict could impact them positively far into the future.

For some, the flexibility the process offers is a good thing. Stress may be reduced by not having to address matters only during the hours that court is in operation. It also offers the confidentiality that a case being worked out through in court does not have. The speed and lesser expense associated with mediation could be important for divorcing couples as well.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of mediating a divorce is how it positions the divorcing couple following the divorce. Here again this could be especially beneficial when children are a part of the equation. Should issues arise later on, parties can return to their mediator for help resolving it.

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