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Tips for pedestrians navigating Connecticut communities in winter

Posted on behalf of Michael D'Amico of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Nov 20, 2014 in Pedestrian Accidents

Just as drivers need to be aware of how winter weather can impact safety on the roads of Connecticut, so too do pedestrians. While the risk of being struck by a car is always present for a pedestrian, winter weather conditions can make that activity even riskier. For example, when the snow builds up sidewalks can be treacherous or even make it impossible to walk on them. Mounds of snow can also decrease the visibility of drivers who perhaps won’t see a pedestrian who is hidden by a pile of snow. When it is snowing heavily, the flakes or blowing snow could obscure visibility and a driver could fail to see a pedestrian in his or her path.

There are things that pedestrians can do to try to reduce the risk of being involved in an incident with a car. The first is to wear clothing that is brightly colored or reflective. In addition, when venturing out either at dawn or dusk, they should walk against traffic.

Following the rules of the road for pedestrians is especially important this time of year as well. When it comes to crossing a street, pedestrians should always do this at intersections or marked crosswalks. When available, pedestrian push-buttons should be utilized and walkers should only venture into the street after receiving the “walk" signal. Even after receiving that signal it is a good idea to look both ways a couple of times before setting foot into the street.

Colder temperatures and the snow that often accompanies it do not stop pedestrians from going out. While these tips may help pedestrians navigate Connecticut communities this time of year it is not all on them. Motorists need to be aware as well. In our next post we will focus on what drivers can do to keep pedestrians safe.

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