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V2V Communication for Possible use With Motorcycles

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jan 09, 2015 in Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to motorcycle safety it is fair to say that those who engage in the activity welcome any technology that could make the activity safer. One technology that is currently being worked on that could make a difference is vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

This technology allows vehicles to “talk" to each other and possibly avoid common crash types. This is accomplished by the vehicles exchanging information including position and speed. The crash types that might be avoided include:

  • Intersection.
  • Lane change.
  • Rear-end.

Though the technology is currently slated only for use with “light" vehicles—including pickup trucks, SUVs and cars—if it is successful, it is possible that it could eventually be used in motorcycles as well. This could greatly reduce the number of motorcycle accidents that occurring involving other motor vehicles. This is because the communication between the vehicles could address the issue that drivers of cars often encounter with being unaware that a motorcycle is there.

A reduction in these types of collisions would be a good thing for motorcyclists. This is because the injuries they usually suffer in collisions involving other, larger types of vehicles are serious and may even lead to death.

When these incidents do occur, injured individuals--or the family of those who are killed--may decide to file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the crash occurring. When successful, a lawsuit of this nature could result in monetary compensation for those affected. Those considering filing such a lawsuit would likely benefit from consulting with a personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later.

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