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Dangers on Stairways

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Feb 25, 2015 in Premises Liability

There are a wide range of things that could cause a stairway to become dangerous.

One is the stairway not having a proper design. Some examples of design mistakes that could make a stairway unsafe include: the stairway not being up to code, the stair risers being too high or the stair treads not being deep enough.

A stairway not being properly maintained is another thing that can create dangers. Lack of proper maintenance and repair on a stairway could result in safety problems like defective railings, broken steps and broken banisters.

Another safety problem that can arise on stairs is one that is generally particular to colder months: snow or ice building up on the steps of a stairway. This can cause steps to become incredibly slippery.

Also, lighting levels can affect the safety of a stairway. Poor lighting can make it more difficult for users to see their surroundings and thus could make a stairway dangerous.

Dangerous conditions on a stairway, like the ones mentioned above, could potentially cause individuals to suffer a fall while using the stairway. Thus, all property owners should take proper steps to keep stairways on their property free of such dangerous conditions.

Suffering a fall on a stairway can be a very unsettling experience and can cause a person to suffer significant injuries. When a person experiences a harmful fall on a stairway on someone else’s property, they may have quite a few questions regarding how the fall occurred and what they should do now.

Our Connecticut personal injury law firm is committed to helping stairway accident victims that we represent get answers to the questions they have. There are many different types of investigations our personal injury lawyers can conduct for such individuals, such as investigations into whether their accident was caused by a dangerous condition that the owner of the property the accident occurred on should not have allowed to exist.