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Former WWE Wrestlers File Lawsuit for Concussions Suffered

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Feb 07, 2015 in Personal Injury

Head injuries that lead to lawsuits can happen in a variety of settings. The lawsuit recently filed by to professional wrestlers illustrates this. The men filed the lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment, the business they wrestled for.

In the lawsuit the former wrestlers, ages 50 and 22, claim that WWE sold violence as entertainment. As a part of that the wrestlers involved were subjected to extreme physical brutality. According to the men, WWE either knew or should have known that those activities could result in serious medical problems. Brain damage is one of those problems.

The older man claims that he was obviously seriously hurt on multiple occasions but was nonetheless forced to carry on with the match. As a result he said he suffers from anxiety, depression and memory loss due to serious neurological damage.

The younger man, who was only 19 when he started wrestling for WWE indicates that his symptoms include an impaired ability to reason, memory loss, convulsions and tremors.

It is unclear how much the men are seeking in damages but it is possible that it could become a class action lawsuit.

Concussions are a brain injury that can cause serious damage to those who suffer from them. While some people appear to recover without a problem, others, such as the men in this case face a lifetime of difficulties as a result of the symptoms that remain. If you are suffering from the symptoms of a concussion following an accident, you may like to consider contacting a personal injury attorney for help reviewing the legal options that may be available to you. This case is far from over and it is possible that if certified as a class action, many more people could join. We will provide updates on the matter as they become available.