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In divorce situations involving children mediation may be best

Posted on behalf of Thomas Pettinicchi of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Feb 06, 2015 in Divorce Mediation

When it comes to divorce, there are many situations in which mediation could be the best option. Certainly one of those situations is when the divorcing couple has children to consider. While children are often resilient, the changes associated with divorcing parents are often some of the most traumatic things that they will deal with in their young lives. If the divorce is not handled in a way that keeps their needs front and center, it could have a lasting impact.  

There are multiple reasons why mediation could work well in a divorce involving children. The first is that it is less expensive than fighting in court. Depending on the specific situation it is possible that up to thousands of dollars could be saved. That money could be put toward other more rewarding things such as activities for the kids.

Second, the process can take less time than resolving matters in court. Though the actual length will vary depending upon the willingness of the parties involved to reach amicable agreements, the potential is there to have a situation resolved in a timely manner.

Next, when matters regarding children in divorce are resolved using mediation there is less of a chance of post-divorce conflict. This can make things easier for the children once they make it through the initial readjustment.

Last, and perhaps most important, the mediation process fosters communication. Since communication is the basis of any good relationship, in turn, that communication can make co-parenting following the divorce easier.

Every family is different which means that the best approach to take in a divorce will vary. Working with a lawyer who handles family law matters is a good way to get information regarding which option is best.