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Careless Lane Changes by Drivers Can Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Mar 04, 2015 in Motorcycle Accidents

There are all manner of different circumstances under which motorcycle accidents can occur. Sometimes, such accidents come about from a motorcycle being struck by a motor vehicle that is changing lanes.

These sorts of motorcycle accidents sometimes are the result of negligence by the driver engaging in the lane change. There are many types of unsafe conduct by motor vehicle drivers when it comes to changing lanes that could put motorcyclists at risk of getting hit. 

One is a driver not using their signals when changing lanes. This can make it difficult for other motorists, such as motorcyclists, to know what the driver is doing, which could lead to collisions.

Another is a driver engaging in a lane change without bothering to check to see if they have a clear spot to move into. If a driver does this and a motorcycle is in the lane they are going into, the driver could easily hit the motorcycle.

Another is a driver failing to carefully check their blind spot before changing lanes. Given the small size of motorcycles, it can be easy for a driver to not notice that a motorcycle is in their blind spot if the driver is not paying close enough attention to what is going on around them.

Now, proving that a given motorcycle accident was the result of negligence, such as lane-change-related negligence, by a motor vehicle driver isn't always easy, as challenges can sometimes arise in finding on-point evidence. This is why motorcyclists that are seeking compensation for an accident they were in that was caused by negligence by another driver may want to bring in a personal injury attorney to help them build their case.

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