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Do You Know What to Ask When Selecting a Nursing Home?

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Mar 15, 2015 in Nursing Home Abuse

Most people are concerned about find a good nursing home when they determine that they will need to place someone they love in one. Accordingly, they plan to ask many questions. The problem is they don’t always know which questions it is that they should ask and to whom they should be addressed. In this post we will try to provide this information.

These questions can help go beyond the basics such as simply where the facility is located and how it rates on nursing home surveys based on information collected from Medicaid and Medicare.

Activity directors should be asked whether the facility provides transportation from the facility to not only doctor appointments but to social events as well. Information regarding the activities available for residents to participate in should also be sought. In some cases facilities will even provide activities that are generally more appealing to men, rather than women.

Dietitians can provide information on the foods available to residents. This is particularly relevant when a resident requires a particular diet. Beyond what is served, it is good know whether visitors can pay to eat with the resident they came to visit.

Many questions can be addressed to administrators and nursing directors. These include inquiries regarding the services offered and what happens when a resident no longer has the money to cover the costs of the facility. They also include questions about the staff.

In addition to learning about staffing rations and turnover, it could be beneficial to learn how many hours aides and nurses spend with residents each day. Learning about the services the facility provides—such as whether there is special care for those with dementia—and whether chemical restraints are used could make a difference in the nursing home selected.

Perhaps residents can provide the best information regarding the quality of a nursing home facility. Learning how long residents generally have to wait before staff comes to help when they have been asked is a big deal. So too are the choices residents are provided regarding how they plan their days. Asking the simple question of whether or not the person is happy might be the most telling of all.

Even after going through all of this work it is possible that nursing home abuse could occur. To address it, many find it beneficial to work with a good personal injury attorney in New Haven to review the legal options that may be available in your specific instance.