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Incidents of Nursing Home Neglect Result in Fines to Facility

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Mar 29, 2015 in Nursing Home Neglect

When it becomes necessary to place a loved one in a nursing home, the task of finding a place for that person to live can be long and difficult. There is an assumption that many may have that after putting in time and energy to find a place that seems like a good fit and paying what is usually a fairly large amount of money, the resident will be well cared for. Sadly this is not always the case. All too often residents are abused or neglected. 

A nursing home in Connecticut was recently held responsible for this. The facility, which is owned by a 55-year-old who is facing prison time for an unrelated activity, was deemed to have neglected residents in a surprise inspection conducted in June of last year.

In the course of those two inspections the following was uncovered:

  • Dehydrated residents
  • Residents who had lost weight
  • Residents who had fallen

The nursing home was fined for its failures. Perhaps more important however, it agreed to bring in a consultant to keep track of the facility for six months to make sure it is taking the steps necessary to keep residents safe.

In many case the individuals placed in nursing homes have provided years of care themselves, to those who placed them in the nursing home in the first place. When a nursing home fails to provide the level of care expected it can be devastating not only to the resident who is being neglected, but his or her loved ones as well. To try to make up for such an incident, in addition to taking action to have the nursing home resident properly cared for, it may make sense to take legal action by contacting a reputable personal injury lawyer as well.