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Preparing Your Vessel for Boating Season

Posted on behalf of Mark F. Griffin of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Apr 02, 2015 in Boating Accidents

Boating safety is important for anyone who operates a vessel on a body of water in the state of Connecticut. Now that spring is here and temperatures are beginning to rise, it is likely that many boat owners are thinking about getting their boat into the water. While it may be a bit early for that, there are other things that boat owners can do to make sure their vessel is in good shape and safe.

The first thing is to check over the physical condition of the boat. In addition to checking the fuel system for leaks, hoses, cables and belts should also be checked to make sure they have not cracked due to becoming too dry over the winter. Propellers should be inspected for distortion, cracks or brittleness and fluid levels should be checked. The electric systems should be gone over as well. Corroded connections should be fixed and batteries should be charged.

The boat should be equipped with safety gear as well. The US Coast Guard, USCG Auxiliary and US Power Squadrons sometimes offer safety inspections. Actually on the boat, a carbon monoxide detector that works should be found in any area that is even partially enclosed. Likewise, fire extinguishers should be fully charged. Life jackets of appropriate sizes should be available for all who ride on the boat. They should be in good condition.

Taking these steps could help to reduce the number of accidents involving boats that occur this summer. Unfortunately, some will likely still take place. These could result in serious injury or even death to those involved. In those situations, it is possible that a personal injury lawsuit could be filed. Should that decision be made, you may like to contact a personal injury lawyer Waterbury CT to learn more about your options.