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Thanksgiving Accidents and Arrests Down in Connecticut This Year

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Dec 01, 2015 in Wrongful Death

busy Connecticut roadsThere is some good news for Connecticut motorists this morning. State police released a report showing that this Thanksgiving week, there were fewer accidents, arrests and injuries on the road than the previous year. Thanksgiving week typically sees a large spike in auto crashes and arrests, particularly for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol.

The worst night for fatal motor vehicle accidents for the entire year is Thanksgiving eve. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also the busiest travel day of the year, with many people driving 50 miles or more to celebrate the holiday with their families. Millions of people end up binge drinking that night as well, contributing to the high accident rate.

According to the Connecticut State Police, speeding arrests were down to 980 compared to 1,106 in 2014. Moving violations were down to 2,639 versus 3,538. There were 42 DUI arrests across the state compared to 52 from last year. The biggest drop was the number accidents, which were down over 58 percent, from 934 in the previous year to only 389 in 2015. The police also stated the number of injuries were down as well.

Police stepped up traffic enforcement from Wednesday through Sunday night. They also added DUI checkpoints throughout the state. This may have helped reduce the number of accidents.

The holiday season, and the accompanying spike in car crashes, isn’t over yet. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve a few weeks away, Connecticut drivers should still remain wary of drunk drivers. Add winter driving conditions in the mix and it can be a deadly combination.

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