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DMV Computer Glitch Leads to Thousands of False Citations

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jan 25, 2016 in Car Accidents

issuing citationThe Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is flooded with letters and excessively long lines from drivers trying to prove they have auto insurance. A computer glitch after a new software upgrade caused the DMV to mistakenly suspend thousands of vehicle registrations.

In response, DMV Commissioner Andres Ayala, Jr., who recently announced he is stepping down, issued a statement earlier this month that the DMV will not be sending police departments any lists of suspended registrations until the matter is cleared up. The office will have to go through a huge backlog to verify which suspensions were correct.

Multi-million Dollar Upgrade Had Bug

The bug in the system came after a $26 million computer upgrade in August. The system triggered more than 10,000 letters a month to go out, notifying drivers that they had 45 days to provide proof of insurance or have their registration suspended.

The computer system was built by 3M, which had built similar systems in other states. Major problems were also reported in Kansas and Montana.

Fines Will Be Refunded

Thanks to the glitch, a large number of people across Connecticut have been pulled over and ticketed for having suspended registrations for lack of insurance. In some cases, people have paid $200 fines, been issued additional tickets for infractions and had to pay to get their car towed.

To help resolve the issue, the DMV will be issuing refunds for anyone incorrectly fined from Aug. 18, 2015 to Jan. 8, 2016, if the fine was a result of the error. Processing of the refunds should take six to eight weeks.

People who have been incorrectly fined can obtain a refund by completing a form, and emailing it, along with copies of receipts, to the DMV office. The complete instructions for requesting a refund are found on the DMV website.

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