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Few Doctors Responsible for Large Portion of Medical Malpractice Claims

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 12, 2016 in Medical Malpractice

malpractice claimsOne percent of physicians are tied to nearly a third of all paid U.S. malpractice claims, according to a recent Stanford study. Study results showed that this group of doctors have traits in common regarding age, gender, area of practice, and prior claims of malpractice.

Doctors who are most likely to be cited in a malpractice claim are older, and 82 percent are male. Over 50 percent of the malpractice claims reviewed during the study related to four medical practice areas: internal medicine, family medicine, general surgery, and gynecology and obstetrics.

The results of the study indicated that the top factor determining which doctors were likely to be involved in a malpractice claim was a physician's previous malpractice claims. Those with three previous claims of malpractice are at a risk three times greater to receive an additional claim, compared to physicians with only one previous claim. Future malpractice claim risk grows proportionately with every new claim.

Stanford researchers analyzed over 66,000 paid medical malpractice claims faced by 54,000 physicians in the U.S. from 2005 to 2014. Focus was placed on paid versus unpaid claims, as payment of such a claim sends a distinct message that malpractice did occur.

Researchers also discovered compelling information regarding paid malpractice claims:

  • Nearly one in three malpractice claims end in payment.
  • A third of the reviewed paid claims related to patient death.
  • Over half (54 percent) of the claims cited serious injury.
  • Of the physicians reviewed, only six percent had paid claims during the 10 years reviewed during the study.

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