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Connecticut DMV Enforcing Weight Limits on Semi-Trucks

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jun 13, 2016 in Truck Accidents

truck weigh stationThe Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles is working to enforce weight restrictions on large trucks driving through the state.

DMV inspectors have been working at the weigh stations on Interstate 91 in Middletown. According to the DMV Commercial Safety Division Lieutenant, overloaded trucks can damage highways, which then requires roads to be repaved and thus forces other motorists to navigate through construction zones more often.

Inspectors are also checking lug nuts and tires, brake lines and steering to ensure the truck is safe for use. One inspection, performed on a truck traveling from Georgia to Boston, revealed more than a dozen violations including bad brakes.

Another issue inspectors are worried about is trucks being too tall for local roads. If a truck fails to navigate through a low bridge, the trailers can be ripped apart and become dangerous for motorists behind the truck.

The state police are working with the DMV to also patrol highways with portable scales that can be used during a routine traffic stop.

These inspections fall in line with the DMV’s recent three-day truck and bus enforcement, which ran between June 7 and June 9. The campaign was aimed at raising awareness about the need for truck safety and educating drivers and trucking companies about safety requirements.

Inspections ran about an hour and included checking for proper tires, working lights, driver hours and logs, and checking the system for securing a load.

Along with route 91, enforcement on route 95 and 84 was also completed, as well as along local roads.

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