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Nursing Home Residents Commonly Abused by Other Residents

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jun 24, 2016 in Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home argumentA recent study has brought to light disturbing information about elder abuse. One in five residents at a nursing home will be abused by their fellow residents.

Weill Cornell Medicine in New York investigated more than 2,000 residents at 10 urban and suburban nursing homes in New York State. The study is the first significant investigation into resident-on-resident abuse.

According to victims, they suffered verbal or physical mistreatment from fellow residents. The mistreatment included situations such as residents rifling through another individual’s belongings, taking food from another person, name-calling and being hit by a wheelchair. Some instances also involved harmful physical or sexual abuse, which may have led to psychological distress.

According to the study’s authors, about 75 percent of the events were verbal and 25 percent were physical.

Out of the 2,011 participants, approximately 407 suffered at least one instance of mistreatment within 30 days. The data was obtained through an examination of charts and accident reports as well as interviews with staff members and residents.

For many years, the focus on elder abuse has been on staff-on-resident abuse, however, this study reveals that resident-on-resident abuse should also be discussed and thoroughly researched. It is estimated that every year five million Americans will be victims of elder neglect or abuse. Experts believe that hundreds more cases are unreported every year.

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