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6 Safe-Driving Tips During the Peak of Deer Season

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Nov 14, 2016 in Car Accidents

deer looking backThere are more deer on or near Connecticut roadways during this time of year than any other because it is deer mating season. Also, deer have been more visible than usual this year due to warmer temperatures. Those are reasons why drivers need to take extra precautions to avoid deer collisions, including:

  • Driving cautiously when heading to and from work in the mornings and evenings. Statistics show there is a higher risk of a deer collision during these times of the day.
  • Slowing down. This is one of the best ways to avoid a collision as it will give you more time to react.
  • Watching for more deer. If you see one deer you should watch for more, as these animals often travel in groups.
  • Using high beams at night. This will allow you to see farther ahead and give you more time to react. However, be sure to dim your high beams when there is oncoming traffic.
  • Watching the sides of the road for anything shiny or reflective, as it could be a deer's eyes.
  • Reacting appropriately if you see a deer in front of you. Do not jerk the wheel or use your horn because this might startle the animal, causing it to not move and increasing the risk of a collision.

Hitting a deer can cause serious injury and expensive damage to your car. Please drive safely.

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