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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Identifies 11 Safest Cars on the Road

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on May 31, 2017 in Car Accidents

bad-crash-on-roadsideThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released a new report listing the safest cars and SUVs on our nation's highways.

The report analyzed data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System between 2012 and 2015 to identify the rate at which drivers are killed in crashes involving 2014 model-year and equivalent vehicles.

The overall death rate was 30 deaths per million registered vehicle years. However, 11 vehicle models had no reported traffic fatalities during the years analyzed:

  • Audi A6 all-wheel-drive
  • Audi Q7 SUV
  • BMW 535i and 535is
  • BMW 535xi
  • Jeep Cherokee all-wheel-drive SUV
  • Lexus CT 200h
  • Lexus RX 350 two-wheel-drive SUV
  • Mazda CX-9 two-wheel-drive SUV
  • Mercedes-Benz M-class SUV
  • Toyota Tacoma Double Cab long bed four-wheel-drive pickup
  • Volkswagen Tiguan two-wheel-drive SUV

Pickups and SUVs are Safer Than Smaller Vehicles

A key takeaway from the study reveals that larger vehicles tend to be safer than sedans. Of the safest vehicles listed, only four are sedans, while the remaining majority are SUVs.

Among the 10 vehicles with the highest death rates, five are mini cars and three are small cars. The three cars with the highest death rates between 2012 and 2015 were all small four-door sedans:

  • Hyundai Accent
  • Kia Rio
  • Toyota Scion tC

Among the vehicle categories, four-door mini cars have the highest overall death rate of 87 deaths per year per million vehicles, while four-wheel-drive large luxury SUVs have the lowest death rate of six.

Fortunately, despite their poor ratings, the safety of some smaller cars has improved over previous years. The death rate for the 2014 Hyundai Accents was much lower than it was in 2011, thanks to a 2012 redesign. The Kia Rio's death rate also dropped after a 2012 redesign.

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