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Obtaining Compensation After a Hit and Run Crash

Posted on behalf of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC on Jun 01, 2017 in Car Accidents

damaged car on roadsideOne of the worst things about a hit and run crash is that some victims are unable to obtain the compensation they deserve from the driver who caused the collision and fled the scene.

If you are ever injured in a hit and run car crash, there are several steps our Waterbury car crash attorneys advise you to take in the moments after the crash to improve your chances of recovering fair compensation.

Collect as Much Information as Possible

If another car crashes into yours and the other driver flees the scene, you will probably have just a few seconds to get a good look at the other car and the person driving it before it is gone.

If you are able you should collect valuable information about the other car and its driver, including:

  • Color, make and model of the vehicle
  • License plate number
  • Physical description of the driver, including sex, age, race and other identifying features

If there is time, pull out your smartphone and take pictures or record video of the car as it flees the scene. Pictures or video could reveal details that you may be unable to see. 

Once the car is out of view, jot down all of the information you noticed so you do not forget it.

You should also look around for any witnesses to the crash, including employees and customers of any businesses that are nearby. Write down what they remember about the incident, along with their contact information for future reference.   

The more information you collect, the better chance the police will have to find the car and the person driving it. You cannot obtain compensation from the at-fault driver unless we are able to determine who the driver is.

Call the Police

After collecting all of the information you can, contact the police and wait for them to arrive. Once an officer arrives, give him or her all of the information you collected.

The officer will include the information you provide in a police report on the crash. Police reports are crucial evidence in a legal claim because they are an official record of what happened. 

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

You should always go to the hospital after a car crash, even if you are not experiencing much pain. Your body may have released cortisol after the collision, which can mask pain and other symptoms of injuries.

Trained medical professionals will be able to identify any injuries you suffered, regardless of whether you are experiencing severe symptoms. 

The doctors who treat you will note your injuries and treatments in your medical record, which is one of the most vital pieces of evidence in any car crash claim. You will not be able to recover compensation for the medical expenses created by your injuries unless we have official proof of your injuries.

Filing a Legal Claim

Like many other states, Connecticut law provides that negligent drivers who cause car collisions pay for the damages suffered by the other driver. This means that victims of car crashes can file a claim against the other driver to recover compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, pain and suffering and property damage.

If the hit and run driver cannot be identified, we will have to seek compensation from your uninsured motorist coverage. 

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