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Little girl's family awarded $8.5 million for birth injury

Massachusetts parents understand how many things there are to worry about before a child is born. A mother can carefully control her diet, health and safety during pregnancy, but the birth itself must go smoothly for a healthy baby to come home from the… Read More

Off-duty officer sentenced for fatal accident in Windsor Locks

Whenever a person dies unexpectedly due to an accident, family members likely experience extreme emotional shock. Nearly two years ago, a Windsor Locks family lost their teenage son to a fatal accident. The teen was riding his bike when he was hit by… Read More

Connecticut car accidents decrease 34% with teen restrictions

Back in 2008, Connecticut implemented new restrictions on teen drivers and since that time the number of car crashes has dropped 34 percent. The month of August is the deadliest for teen drivers and it is also the four-year anniversary of the laws restricting… Read More

90 year-old Waterbury woman dies after hit-and-run

Elderly family members are often a very important part of families. When they die, especially due to an unexpected circumstance, it can be challenging for families to move through their grief and process this major change in their lives. A 90 year-old… Read More

Why it's good news that some hospitals are reporting more errors

Going to the hospital for any type of medical procedure is worrisome for many patients in Connecticut. Patients place a great deal of trust in doctors and nurses and expect that in return they will receive excellent care. Even though medical professionals… Read More

Car Crashes into Pickup Truck on Ramp Shoulder

Car accidents likely bring to mind images of cars colliding at high speeds and passengers inside the vehicles being injured. However, car accidents in New Haven can involve multiple cars and injured people who are not in their vehicle at the time of the… Read More

Misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in Adult Patients

Connecticut residents dealing with unrelenting symptoms may wish to consult multiple medical providers. A second, third, or even fourth opinion can help patients determine whether misdiagnosis is the reason their symptoms have not gone away with treatment. If… Read More

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Stamford

Riding a motorcycle can be a very dangerous activity. Drivers of cars and trucks often have a difficult time seeing motorcyclists due to the small size of their vehicles, and without the protective features of a car, motorcycle accidents can be very serious.… Read More

Child born with disability, EC jury awards $21 million

The day a child is born is supposed to be a day filled with joy, excitement and wonderful plans for the future. Parents should look down at their newborn baby and the only worries should be whether the car seat has been installed properly, whether there… Read More

Connecticut police: alcohol involved in fatal boating accident

When the phrase "drunk driving" is said out loud, most people think about motor vehicles. They think about a driver behind the wheel of a car swerving in and out of their designated lane. While this behavior is extremely dangerous, there is another kind… Read More