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Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Stamford

Riding a motorcycle can be a very dangerous activity. Drivers of cars and trucks often have a difficult time seeing motorcyclists due to the small size of their vehicles, and without the protective features of a car, motorcycle accidents can be very serious.… Read More

Child born with disability, EC jury awards $21 million

The day a child is born is supposed to be a day filled with joy, excitement and wonderful plans for the future. Parents should look down at their newborn baby and the only worries should be whether the car seat has been installed properly, whether there… Read More

Connecticut police: alcohol involved in fatal boating accident

When the phrase "drunk driving" is said out loud, most people think about motor vehicles. They think about a driver behind the wheel of a car swerving in and out of their designated lane. While this behavior is extremely dangerous, there is another kind… Read More

Are seniors in nursing homes suffering the most medical errors?

As our parents age, the conversation comes up over how to handle their medical care in Connecticut. When a parent and their child choose a nursing home as the solution, it is because the parent needs the type of constant, around-the-clock care that a… Read More

Report: 4 Choking Deaths at Connecticut Nursing Homes in 3 Months

Citing a Department of Public Health report, the Hartford Courant reports that a resident at a Southbury nursing home choked to death in April because a nursing assistant failed to read the meal instructions. If you're looking for a trusted personal injury… Read More

Drivers suffer neck injuries in Bridgeport truck rollover

When people hear about an accident involving a tractor-trailer, often the first inclination is to blame the driver of the truck. After all, drivers of commercial vehicles are legally held to a higher standard of safety than drivers of smaller vehicles.… Read More

Family says medication error caused 16-year-old daughter's death

Medical errors that cause great harm to patients can take many forms. Some mistakes cause only minor injuries, but other errors result in permanent disability and even death. With these dire issues in mind, Connecticut residents may take interest in a… Read More

Distraction: Combustible Elements for Teens

You wouldn't have to do much more than look around to notice the impact cell phones have on the way we carry out our days. You could probably stand on the corner of any street in Waterbury, CT and see people talking or texting on their phones - both on… Read More