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Watertown Truck Accident LawyersThe financial and physical impacts from a serious truck accident can last a lifetime. Have you suffered a serious injury or property damage in a collision involving a truck or 18 wheeler?

At the law offices of D'Amico & Pettinicchi, our Waterbury truck accident lawyers have been helping injury victims throughout Connecticut for more than 25 years and have successfully recovered more than $75,000,000 in compensation claims for our clients. There are no upfront fees for us to handle your claim and your initial consultation is also free of charge. Our co-founding partner - Mike D'Amico - is an active member and Immediate Past President of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, while Mike is also a board member of the National Advisory Board of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America, a member of the Waterbury Bar Association, and also the Litchfield Bar Association.

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Filing A Claim In Connecticut

If you have been injured in an accident that involved a truck in the state of Connecticut, there is a specific timeframe that you have to file a claim for compensation. This is known as the Statute of Limitations.

In Connecticut, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit...

In Connecticut, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, which is based on Section 52-584 of the General Statutes of Connecticut. This same period of time also applies to those that are seeking compensation for any property that was damaged in the accident.

This date is effective from the date that your accident occurred.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Many injury victims often feel that the truck driver is the only person that is liable for the accident, however, as most trucks are commercial vehicles, there are a number of other avenues that an experienced lawyer will know to investigate while building your case. Some of the include:

  • The trucking company
  • The owner of the truck
  • The owner of the trailer
  • The manufacturer of the truck, trailer and/or any defective parts that may be on the vehicle
  • The consignor/shipper of the cargo
  • The person or company that loaded the cargo being hauled in the trailer
  • Vehicle maintenance crews - and if applicable - the company that handles the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle

The state of Connecticut Department of Transportation is also a helpful resource for Connecticut motorists and provides numerous guides including a list of the road that trucks are not permitted to travel on.

At D'Amico & Pettinicchi, our lawyers have recovered more than $9,000,000 in compensation specifically from truck accident lawsuits and can help to review the details of your claim. There are no upfront costs and your initial consultation is also free.

Are You Eligible To File A Claim?

After being involved in an accident, it's important to try and record as much information about the accident as possible. The reason for this is because the memory of a specific event like an accident can fade over time, and if you decide to pursue a damages lawsuit, every piece of information that you provide to a lawyer can help that person to build a stronger argument for your compensation claim. Some helpful tips include:

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  • Call 9-1-1 and cooperate with the Police that attends the accident scene
  • Use your cell phone to take as many photos of the scene as possible
  • Text yourself the contact information of any witnesses to the accident
  • Also text yourself the contact information, license plate, drivers license number, and insurance information of the truck driver
  • Do NOT discuss any of your insurance policy details with the other driver
  • Do NOT admit fault
  • Do NOT sign any documents from an insurance agency
  • Contact a lawyer for further advice

To give your lawsuit an increased chance of success, you will need to prove:

  • The driver of the truck caused - either in part or wholly - the accident that you were involved in
  • The injuries that you sustained were the direct result of that accident

In an effort to reduce the amount of compensation that you may be pursuing, the defense lawyers of the at-fault driver may also question your physical condition prior to the accident, your age, your driving experience and also the safety of your own vehicle.

Having a reputable lawyer by your side to help review each detail of your accident along with the experience of knowing how to counter the claims from the defense attorneys, may help to provide you with an opportunity to obtain the most financial compensation from your accident.

Being Offered A Settlement From The Insurance Company

As most trucks are commercial vehicles, they will usually have some form of automotive insurance. However, there are many different types of insurance coverage that a truck can have. Some of these include:

  • Primary Automotive Liability - this insurance protects the driver when a third party is injured in an accident. It is required by federal regulations and every carrier must carry this type of insurance on every rig - even on trucks that are leased.
  • General Liability - this insurance offers protection to the business against accidents that result in property damage or bodily injury.
  • Physical Damage - is the type of insurance that covers the truck and trailer. The premium for this coverage is usually based on a percentage of the value of the rig.
  • Cargo Insurance - as the name implies, this type of policy covers any cargo damages or loss of cargo. There can also be additional stipends added to this coverage which covers absent driver coverage (unattended vehicle), variable based on the type of cargo being covered and many other variations.
  • Trailer Interchange Liability - this coverage is often used when multiple companies are hauling the trailer, which can happen when the cargo is handled by multiple shipping companies.
  • Non-Trucking Liability Coverage - this can also be known as "deadhead coverage", which pays for an accident that occurs when the driver or the rig is not under a dispatch order.
  • Non-Owned Trailer - this liability coverage offers protection for the driver when they are pulling a trailer for someone else
  • Non-Owned Trailer Physical Damage - this policy covers the actual trailer while it is being pulled by another driver

Following an accident, many victims will be contacted by the insurance company of the truck driver (or haulage company) and offered an amount to settle the claim. In many instances, this amount can be significantly less than the amount a lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. While there can be many reasons for this, ultimately - the goal of the insurance company is to pay you as little as possible.

At D'Amico & Pettinicchi, our truck accident lawyers have been representing clients against insurance agencies for many years and have a proven track record of success. We welcome the opportunity to review your incident and help you to explore your legal options.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

While there can be many factors that contribute to truck accidents, quite often it will be the result of driver negligence or a vehicle malfunction - or possibly both. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also cited speed, fatigue and drinking alcohol as factors that can increase the possibility of an accident occurring. Some other factors may include:

  • Cargo load shift
  • Cargo not safely secured
  • Brake failure due to incorrect usage (by not also using the engine as a brake) or malfunction
  • Incorrect trailer attachment
  • Speeding
  • Steering component defects or malfunctions

Should you decide to pursue a legal solution for your compensation claim, our lawyers also have access to leading industry analysts to help validate your claim and build a robust argument for your maximum compensation amount.

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